7 Simple Steps How to Write an Essay in an Hour


How To Write An Essay In An Hour: 7 Easy Steps

Are you in a hurry of writing an essay but have no idea where to start writing? You should not worry because we have also experienced such situations a million times. If it's out of your power and writing skills to craft a quality paper in one hour, you need to consider the 7 steps discussed in this blog post to deal with a daunting task quickly and easily. Buckle up and start the writing journey!

Helpful Tips For a Perfect Academic Writing

Brainstorm Unique Ideas in Several Minutes

Brainstorming represents a technique when students should quickly generate ideas. You can also use it to select an essay topic.

What's important about brainstorming is that you should not ponder over whether the idea is really good or evidently bad because it becomes a stumbling block in the process of essay writing. You have to work quickly because you have one hour only, correct?

You don't need to worry about the idea quality. You need to write it down without spending too much time on thinking about it. When you have a rough draft, you need to go back to those statements and ideas that you find most interesting.

Powerful Thesis Statement

Each paper is based on the thesis statement, which determines the development of the essay's content and gives an idea of what information will be provided in the body of the paper.

A thesis statement is the key argument in the essay, and you should give the supporting evidence to confirm what has been stated by you initially. This is the second step in the development of a quality paper.

A clearly developed thesis is the cornerstone of the paper's success because you remain focused during the writing process and ensure the cohesive and solid structure of the paper.

Rough Outline

Drafting an outline will assist in organizing your thoughts and ensuring the inclusion of all necessary points.

Don't forget that an outline plays the role of a plan to your essay, and it represents the structure, on which the paper will be built.

The form of an outline varies significantly. You may list it either by point or paragraph that you will include in the paper, or you may create an outline consisting of sub-topics divided into sub-points.

It may also represent several words sketched down on paper prior to start writing an essay.

A crucial element about the outline is its potential to keep you organized during essay writing and keeping track of what and how you want to introduce the information.

Quick Research

Carrying out research is an integral and essential part of essay writing. The introductory paragraph should contain good ideas, thoroughly selected and backed up by relevant evidence.

Previously, students needed to spend hours investigating books, articles, websites, and other available materials to find the necessary information to create a great essay.

Currently, you have the opportunity to save time by searching the online scholar libraries and locate more articles and reliable sources on the topic.

Given the short period for essay generation, students should avoid distractions by getting the most out of their search for materials.

Look through the tips that allow saving time when conducting research:

  • Focus on the search of credible sources only
  • Use keywords to find an article on your topic specifically
  • Locate reliable statistics and evidence to support your key points

Move further.

The First Draft of Essay Writing

You need to start your writing with urgency and confidence that the paper will be complete in one hour.

This approach to essay development allows students to enjoy the whole essay writing process and learn how to write an essay prompt, while producing a readable content.

You need to pay attention to the elements of the essay to write a competent and effective essay.

Compelling Introduction

The introduction to the essay should demonstrate why your topic is interesting and why you want to research it and present the results to the audience.

The introduction is a starting point to the body paragraphs that further reveal the topic and support the main points specified in the introduction itself.

Do not forget to end the introduction with a strong thesis that gives the direction to the body paragraphs that will further explain the specified elements.

Comprehensive Main Body Paragraphs

The next step in essay development is the generation of an effective body paragraph row written in accordance with the points identified in the introductory paragraph.

The common mistake of students writing essays is the failure to focus on the thesis that should be supported by arguments in each body paragraph.

You should have a clear understanding that the first sentence of each body paragraph is a topic sentence related to the thesis statement.

The main body paragraphs should be written with specific examples, supporting points, and well developed ideas to reveal the meaning of the topic sentence.

Essential Components of Each Paragraph

You need to avoid the use of unnecessary words to improve the quality of essays and be able to write the essay in one hour.

You also need to avoid using your own words until the task requires it.

You may use the transitional words and phrases that will help you move from one paragraph to the next paragraphs or from one sentence to next sentences.

For example, such transitional words as "nevertheless", "on the other hand", "furthermore", etc. may be used to establish a semantic connection between the sentences.

Another important point about writing an essay is the use of bullet points to represent the ideas you wish to explain.

It will be beneficial to write an essay quickly by organizing your thoughts and presenting the information point by point, without diverting your attention from the main ideas expressed and analyzed by you in the essay.

Comprehensive Conclusion Development

The conclusion is a paragraph consisting of several sentences that restate the thesis and summarize the major points discussed in the essay.

You should not include new information or examples in the conclusion because it is not the additional paragraph of new information.

In contrast, in your conclusion, give a brief summary of what has been already analyzed or discussed in the essay.

Ultimate Editing of the First Draft

Never forget to edit your writing prior to submitting it because you may definitely identify some grammar or spelling mistakes, considering that you are trying to write an essay in an hour.

A quick scan of the essay draft for errors may significantly improve the entire quality of work.

Editing the sentences in your draft may even result in the decision to completely change the sentence structure, the choice of words, grammar, and other aspects.

Sometimes you can fail to see the mistakes in the essay, leaving it for the reader. Take into consideration the following tips to edit the essay effectively to avoid mistakes and make the content eye-catching for the reader:

  • Edit the essay for all types of evident mistakes, including misspelled or improper words
  • Include the transitions (transitional words) to make a smooth transition between paragraphs
  • Remove the words and sentences you consider unnecessary
  • Make use of a dictionary if you are not sure of the word utilization

To make the essay easily readable and comprehended by the reader, revise and thoroughly edit the essay to exclude the common types of errors.

While you have to write your essay in one hour, you still need to allocate some time to proofread the essay.

You need to realize that the ability to write an essay in an hour is insufficient to make it effective and quality for the reader.

Proofreading is an integral part of essay generation, and you need to make an emphasis on it.

An essential tip: Do not focus on the paper perfection.

Since you are working in the tight timeframe - and specifically, only one (!) hour - it is critical to focus on presenting the ideas you wish to convey on the paper, instead of being anxious about making the content and everything about it perfect. You will always have the opportunity to go back to the paper and modify it.

How To Write A Paper in One Hour: Two Strategies

When students are given the task to write a well-researched and structured paper in a tight deadline, they need at least some time available to cope with the instructions and assignment completion.

Typically, instructors give at least 2 days to complete assignments in an appropriate way, devoting sufficient time to carry out research on the topic, write down the thoughts and develop a quality content, and edit it thoroughly prior to submitting it on a due date.

However, there are instances when you let the time pass and are out of time to write the paper. How can you achieve the goal of crafting a paper in one hour?

The two preferable strategies are suggested to this question, though only one of them may be chosen by you as the most suitable.

Hire the Expert Writers

This is perhaps the most reasonable and easiest strategy to write an original, quality paper in one hour.

Professional writers with a solid experience are hired by the writing agencies throughout the globe, and the quality of their work is typically top-notch.

They possess the required skills in academic writing and knowledge of academic standards and requirements, enabling them to achieve the ultimate goal of conveying the arguments to the reader effectively.

You will definitely get the highest grades with the professional writing experts in the field of your task.

Our team at will be able to create perfect content for you based on your requirements and in an extremely short deadline!

We also guarantee that you will get the money back if the paper fails to satisfy you.

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Craft a Unique Content on Your Own

Crafting a paper on your own is a noble work, which cannot be done successfully by a large number of individuals.

While you believe that paper generation is easy, you should look at this work from a more practical perspective.

Writers, who start their professional journey, do not have sufficient skills or tools to develop a topic, carry out a comprehensive research on it, and then generate an effective content backed up by the research.

If you are sure in your writing abilities that can help you generate an essay in a very urgent deadline, then the road is open to you.

But if you feel that the assistance of a professional writer would be pretty cool, go ahead and contact us to develop a perfect content for you!

No doubt, generating a truly competitive content in an hour is a complicated task that requires exclusive writing and research skills.

As a student, you may definitely have some skills required to develop a quality essay, but you may simply get lost and confused given the short timeframe.

This is why referring for help of a professional is wise!